Carts & Kiosks

PIVOT specializes in the fabrication of Non-Traditional Stores featuring premium Carts and Kiosks for the food and beverage industry.  We offer a complete, Turn-Key, store solution with minimal site preparation and impact.  All utilities, equipment, lighting and signage are preinstalled at PIVOT ’s factory.

PIVOT designs, engineers and manufactures everything in-house – Proudly Made In The USA.  Our products meet the highest standards and are UL Listed.

PIVOT’s Carts and Kiosks are based on PIVOT’s Patented Modular Store System offering a unique and innovative solution to Non-Traditional Stores.

PIVOT ’s entire store system ships in a dedicated truck with extremely Fast Installation (typically 2 to 10 hours).

Our Carts & Kiosks Feature

Turn Key Store Packages

We can provide a complete turn key store including pre-installed utilities, equipment packages, signage, plumbing, electrical, etc.  One Stop Shopping here at PIVOT!

Innovative Designs

We can help you design a store that fits your brand and maximizes your revenue potential.  Design, Architecture, Engineering and Manufacturing all under one roof!

Fast Installation

Our stores typically install in 2 to 10 hours utilizing our Patented Modular Store System.  Faster Installation means less cost, a faster time to market and more revenue!

Superior Engineering

With Mechanical, Electrical and Industrial Engineers working on your Store, you can be assured your Store will be thoughtfully engineered from the ground up and everywhere in between.

Save Money - Increase Revenue

PIVOT Stores will save you significant money compared to conventional store construction.  Stores will open faster, drive consumer traffic, require less maintenance and perform better.

Premium Construction

PIVOT’s Stores are manufactured out of metal – Steel, Stainless Steel & Aluminum.  This provides unparalleled STRENGTH, DURABILITY and PORTABILITY.

PATENTED Modular Store

PIVOT’s Carts & Kiosks feature our PATENTED Modular Store System.  Our prefabricated Modular Units can form virtually any store layout.



PIVOT Carts & Kiosks are UL LISTED from our factory.  PIVOT Stores are treated more like a piece of equipment than a construction project offering tremendous advantages over traditional construction.

Complete Store Solution

PIVOT offers a complete store solution with lots of experience and a proven track record.  Our stores have been placed in the busiest of venues and the toughest jurisdictions in the United States and Canada.  Technology combined with Old-World Craftsmanship provides a beautiful, repeatable solution on every store.  Superior engineering and premium materials give our stores the performance and durability that in unmatched in the industry.










Cart vs Kiosk

There are no hard and fast industry definitions between what is a Cart and what is a Kiosk.  Many people use the terms interchangeably.  Here at PIVOT, we do have a strong distinction between a Cart and a Kiosk.  This distinction goes down to how the stores are constructed, utilized and certified.

A Cart, in PIVOT terms, is a single modular unit on wheels.  This unit is self-contained and can operate independently or in conjunction with other Carts or a Kiosk.  A Cart can also have a canopy integrated into the Cart.  Each PIVOT Cart has its own serial number and UL Listing.  Carts are very portable in design and nature and are typically held to different standards than traditional stores and Kiosks.  Our Carts are treated like equipment.

A Kiosk, in PIVOT terms, is comprised or multiple modular units that, when combined, form a store.  Kiosks can either be on wheels or, most commonly, level glides with integrated kick plates.  Kiosks are semi-portable in design and nature and require installation to connect the modular units together.  A PIVOT Kiosk has a single serial number and UL Listing.  Due to its quick installation time and modular design, a PIVOT Kiosk can also be treated like a piece of equipment.