Our Kiosks

Concession Kiosks are a great alternative to in-line or traditional stores.  The modern Kiosk can range from a relatively small footprint (say 10 feet by 10 feet) to an extremely large structure.  Designs can only be limited by your imagination and budget.



Concession Kiosks are commonly pre-designed and pre-fabricated structures used for a store.  This structure is typically self-standing and can be installed on an existing floor or slab.

Kiosk design and construction vary greatly from manufacturer to manufacturer.  Many Kiosk manufacturers comprise of casework companies constructing Kiosks of wood like traditional kitchen cabinets.



PIVOT manufactures its Concession Kiosks completely different from traditional Kiosk providers.  PIVOT Kiosks employ a Modular Store System concept and is comprised of pre-fabricated modular components. Each modular component interacts and interlocks with its adjacent component to form the Kiosk.

This creates an entirely new and innovative approach to Kiosks with tremendous benefits in design, portability, installation, longevity, performance and overall cost.




One of the largest competitive advantages of a PIVOT Kiosk is it’s construction.

PIVOT Kiosks have a base construction metal (Steel, Stainless Steel and Aluminum).  Due to its premium design and construction, PIVOT Kiosks excels in harsh, wet and high volume environments typically found with concessions.

A mechanical engineer meticulously constructs each modular component to create a seamless design with superior structural integrity.

High Tech Manufacturing


PIVOT utilizes the latest technology in manufacturing to provide speed and consistency in its production life cycle.  This high tech equipment is connected to PIVOT CAD applications through computer numerical code commonly referred to as CNC.

The result for PIVOT is fast, efficient, consistent and cost-effective manufacturing production cycles.  The result for you is awesome quality products, fast time to market at a great price.

Complete Store Package


PIVOT can provide one-stop-shopping for a complete store package.  This includes the Concession Kiosk, equipment, signage, fixtures, furniture, etc.

The entire store package can be shipped directly from PIVOT and delivered at the same time – just prior to installation.  This approach greatly reduces costs, damage, temporary storage, disruption to the venue, etc.

Getting Started


PIVOT’s innovative approach to Concession Kiosks is complimented by a complete and comprehensive design service to get you there.

This process includes:

  • Cosmetic design elements
  • Premium branding designs
  • Engineering
  • Lighting
  • Space optimization
  • Equipment selection
  • Utilities
  • Site preparation
  • Architectural support
  • Kiosk renderings
  • Shop drawings
  • Submittal packages for permitting
  • and so much more…


Example Kiosks



PIVOT Concession Kiosks offers extremely fast installation times – typically less than a day.

Due to its innovative design, PIVOT Kiosks can be installed by individuals with basic construction and mechanical skills.  PIVOT can also provide you a list of certified installers if you need help.

Fast installation means a quicker time to market – which equates to less expenses and more revenue.


Environmentally Friendly


PIVOT Concession Kiosks are environmentally friendly from manufacturing to operations.

  • Since PIVOT Kiosks are constructed of metal – 100% of the material waste in base manufacturing is recycled
  • PIVOT Kiosks are built to last for over a decade of service
  • PIVOT Kiosks are portable – Kiosks can be moved and re-depoyed for an additional life of service
  • PIVOT Kiosks are designed to use the least amount of energy during operation
  • PIVOT utilizes thin veneers for design – saving much of our natural resources
  • Since PIVOT Kiosks are constructed of metal – at the end of its life, 100% of the base Kiosk can be recycled


Made in the USA


PIVOT Concession Kiosks are designed, engineered and manufactured in the USA.