Our Carts

Concession Carts have been around since the start of the concession Industry.  They are, by nature, the most economical and portable concession store available.

From the Hot Dog Cart to the News Stand – Carts are a time-tested, perfect solution for a quick point-of-sale in a high traffic consumer area.



Regardless of application, a typical Concession Cart is made up of wheels, main chassis, counter top and a canopy.  Carts, by design, are extremely portable and are strategically placed near high-traffic consumer areas.  Due to its simplicity, Carts offer one of the most economical stores available with an extremely fast return on investment (ROI).

Due to its small form factor, many concession Carts are simply lost in the crowd.  PIVOT specializes in premium and thoughtful Cart designs to attract consumers and drive revenue.



Concession Carts come in a variety of styles and sizes.  PIVOT has normalized the most popular Carts into 4 Standard Sizes:

  • Mini
  • Small
  • Medium
  • Large

Although we find that these sizes fit most applications, custom sizes are available to accommodate all applications.

The standard width of a concession Cart is typically between 28 to 36 inches with countertop heights ranging from 33 to 47 inches.

It is important to understand the venue and application when determining the right size Cart.  This includes doorways, ADA requirements, application standards, height restrictions, etc.



One of the largest competitive advantages of a PIVOT Concession Cart is it’s construction.

A PIVOT Cart has a base construction of metal (Steel, Stainless Steel and Aluminum).  The Cart foundation includes premium industrial wheels fastened onto 11 Gauge Steel – Providing the ultimate in strength, portability and performance.

Due to its premium design and construction, PIVOT Carts excels in harsh, wet and high volume environments typically found with concessions.  A PIVOT Cart’s usable lifespan can easily last over 3 times longer than the competition with much less maintenance.



High Tech Manufacturing


PIVOT utilizes the latest technology in manufacturing to provide speed and consistency in it’s production life cycle.  This high tech equipment is connected to PIVOT’s CAD systems by computer numerical code commonly referred to as CNC.

The result for PIVOT is a fast, efficient, consistent and cost-effective manufacturing production cycle.  The result for you is a quality product with a fast time to market at a great price.

Getting Started


PIVOT’s experienced designers and engineers can help you get the look you want with the functionality you need from a Concession Cart.

This includes:

  • Cart Sizing
  • Design elements including veneers
  • Interior chassis layouts
  • Countertops
  • Utilities
  • Branding design
  • Lighting options
  • Equipment selection
  • Canopy selection
  • and so much more…

Example Carts



PIVOT’s Carts typically require NO installation.  These Carts come fully assembled in shipping crates.  This is certainly like pressing the Easy Button for installation.

Cordless Cart


PIVOT has developed the PIVOT Power Pak to give it’s Carts BUILT IN POWER eliminating the need of plugging in.

The Power Pak combines a battery with a charging system all in one small package.  The Power Pak can be remotely charged and swapped out of the Cart to provide continuous operation.

Environmentally Friendly


PIVOT Carts are environmentally friendly from manufacturing to operations.

  • Since PIVOT Carts are constructed of metal – 100% of the material waste in base manufacturing is recycled
  • PIVOT Carts are built to last for over a decade of service
  • PIVOT Carts are designed to use the least amount of energy during operation
  • Since PIVOT Carts are constructed of metal – at the end of its life, 100% of the base Cart can be recycled

Made in the USA


PIVOT’s Concession Carts are designed, engineered and manufactured in the USA.