Pre-Fabricated Stores

Concession Stores construction is a daunting and expensive undertaking.  You have General Contractors, Sub Contractors, Architects, Engineers, Local Jurisdictional Code, Project Management, Unions, Trades, Permits, Inspectors, etc.


Timing is also a huge concern.  Construction delays are commonplace resulting in delayed store openings, increased expenses and revenue loss.


Add to this the inconsistencies and inexperience of local construction companies to meet brand standards – standards that are critical for global or national companies.


Wouldn’t it be nice

to have another option?


Modular Store System

A Different Approach


PIVOT takes an entirely different approach to traditional store construction.

Traditional store construction consists of architects, engineers, contractors and trades building the store on-site with site plans, architectural plans, MEPs, etc.  Many of which are seeing these plans for the first time.  Materials are typically sourced locally and may not meet brand standards and consistency between stores.

PIVOT’s approach centers on prefabricating the majority of a store at our factory with designs that are pre-engineered and loaded with factory controls.

Modular Components


PIVOT has taken it’s proven and successful Kiosk platform and turned it into a innovative solution for Concession Stores.

This solution utilizes modular components that are inter-connected together to form a store of virtually any size and configuration.  Equipment, plumbing, electrical, countertops, fixtures, etc. are pre-installed at the factory.



Similar to PIVOT’s Kiosks, the construction of PIVOT’s stores are unmatched in the industry.

PIVOT Concession Stores have a base construction metal (Steel, Stainless Steel and Aluminum).  Due to its premium design and construction, PIVOT Stores excels in harsh, wet and high volume environments typically found with concessions.

A mechanical engineer meticulously constructs each modular component to create a seamless design with superior structural integrity.


High Tech Manufacturing


PIVOT utilizes the latest technology in manufacturing to provide speed and consistency in its production life cycle.  This high tech equipment is connected to PIVOT CAD applications through computer numerical code commonly referred to as CNC.

The result for PIVOT is fast, efficient, consistent and cost-effective manufacturing production cycles.  The result for you is awesome quality products, fast time to market at a great price.