Traditional Stores

PIVOT specializes in the design and manufacture of Traditional Stores – but not in the traditional way.  Typical Traditional Stores are stick build construction projects.  This involves an AOR (Architect of Record), General Contractor, Engineers, Casework/Millwork Suppliers, Equipment Suppliers, Consolidator, Designers, etc.  The process can be daunting, expensive, time consuming and risky.  It can also scare away potential Franchisees and Licensees.

PIVOT takes a different and innovative approach to Traditional Stores.  We assists brands with Pre-Designed Stores utilizing our Patented Modular Store System technology.  This provides a Complete Store System with integrated equipment and utilities.  Stores are manufactured in advance and shipped to the site just in time for installation.  Since the Complete Store System is provided by PIVOT, on-site construction is reduced to finished floors, walls and ceilings – with single utility drops to tie in the Store System.  PIVOT Stores install in hours and can greatly reduce the overall timeframe for Store openings.

Store Design

The process starts with Store Design.  We can use your existing designs or create a new design for you.  Unlike a Marketing Company, PIVOT designers integrate operational workflow, engineering, utilities and equipment along with the aesthetic appearance.  We also take into account ADA requirements, common health code requirements and common building code requirements.  Once complete, PIVOT provides you with a complete store package including a Product Guide, drawings, equipment cutsheets, electrical plans, plumbing plans, equipment plans, etc.  This package greatly reduces the amount of work an AOR would need to perform as they would insert the PIVOT plans provided into their architectural plans and LOD (Level of Detail).  This also provides consistency, adherence to brand standards and a definitive cost for the Store System. 

Turn-Key Store Package

Pre-Designed Store Package with everything you need to start your Store project.


Full set of drawings and plans to reduce the cost, time and effort of developing your Store plans.

Define Cost

Can provide a definitive cost to one of the major cost variables in a Store build.


PIVOT fully engineers its Store System including plumbing, mechanical and electrical.


PIVOT can develop a Catalog of multiple Store Designs to fit most sizes and locations.

Faster Projects

Proven method to speed up Store Development projects and open stores faster.


PIVOT performs many of the tasks to consolidate the services required to design, engineer and implement a Store.



Every Store will look exactly the same, operate exactly the same and adhere to the same Brand Standards.

Store Construction

PIVOT Stores offer superior construction over typical stick built and millwork based Stores.  PIVOT utilizes its Patented Modular Store System technology to design stores based on Modular Units.  This offers tremendous flexibility in Store design, size and functionality.  PIVOT Stores are constructed out of metal (steel, stainless steel and aluminum) to provide the strongest and most durable platform for food and beverage service.  Traditional Stores constructed out of wood or wood composite materials lack the strength and resilience in that harsh and wet environment.  PIVOT Stores are designed with utilities, equipment and sinks pre-installed at PIVOT’s factory to offer a complete Pre-fabricated Store System that greatly reduces the scope of on-site construction.  This Store System is like a large piece of equipment (instead of a leasehold improvement) that can be moved to another location if so desired.

Patented Modular Store System

PIVOT’s utilizes its Patented Modular Store System technology that offers tremendous benefits over traditional store construction.

Superior Construction

PIVOT’s metal construction is far superior to wood based construction.  It is stronger, more durable and will last much longer.


PIVOT can provide a suite of Modular Units that can offer tremendous flexibility for Store design, functionality, sizing and layout.


Pre-Installed Utilities

PIVOT pre-installs plumbing and electric into the Store to greatly reduce the scope of on-site construction and provides tremendous consistency to each Store.

Pre-Installed Equipment

PIVOT pre-installs all under counter/fixed equipment and sinks to create a true Turn-Key Store System.

Faster Permitting

PIVOT’s comprehensive documentation has proven to streamline and speed up permitting.

Better Store

PIVOT’s Stores look better, perform better, last longer, require less maintenance and can be easily updated.


UL Listed

PIVOT’s Stores are UL Listed in the US and Canada.

Pre-Existing Library of Units

One of the steps in PIVOT Design is to breakup your Store into Modular Units that incorporate the benefits of our Patented Modular Store System technology.  These Modular Units act like LEGOS that snap together to form your Store.  PIVOT has a vast library of Modular Units already defined that can be used as a starting point to speed up the development of this phase in Design.  These Modular Units take into consideration common use (i.e. 3 Comp Sink Units, POS Units, etc.), Front vs. Rear Line configurations, ADA requirements, common working countertop heights, storage, access to floor drains/sinks, etc.  These Modular Units can be used “As Is”, customized to your requirements or new Modular Units created to exactly fit your use case.

Complete Store Solution

PIVOT offers a Complete Store Solution with lots of experience and a proven track record.  Our stores have been placed in the busiest of venues and the toughest jurisdictions in the United States and Canada.  Technology combined with Old-World Craftsmanship provides a beautiful, repeatable solution on every store.  Superior engineering and premium materials give our stores the performance and durability that in unmatched in the industry.










On-Site Construction

One of the largest benefits to a PIVOT Store is the reduction of scope for on-site construction.  The challenge with traditional store construction is that each store is a new adventure with different Architects, General Contractors, Sub Contractors, Tradesman, etc.  Actual store build costs vary greatly and the end product is very inconsistent.  Since PIVOT’s Complete Store System carries the heavy load, the scope of on-site construction is greatly reduced and the final product is extremely consistent.  For Traditional Stores, PIVOT provides a Utility Module that is installed in the back of house.  This Utility Module contains a pre-wired electrical Load Center and a pre-plumbed Water Manifold.  On-site utility construction for a PIVOT Store is reduced to single tie-ins for this Utility Module.  PIVOT’s Modular Units (typically referred to as casework) are designed to sit on top of a floor with no floor penetrations required.  These Modular Units are connected together with integrated utility chases to form the Store.

Reduced On-Site Construction

On-site construction can be reduced to finished walls, floors, ceilings and back of house – with greatly reduced utility work.

Single Utility Tie-Ins

This Store System only requires single utility tie-ins for electric and plumbing with PIVOT’s innovative Utility Module.


Easier GC Bids

A smaller and simpler scope for on-site construction means a faster and easier GC Bid process.

Store Consistency

PIVOT’s Stores are manufactured exactly the same – every time.

Fast Installation

PIVOT Stores are well known for our extremely fast installations.  So fast that we have even installed full stores to be used for tradeshows.  Stores are manufactured in advance to maintain a tight schedule and eliminate risky delays.  PIVOT Stores are designed to be installed in hours.  The entire Store System is shipped from PIVOT’s factory directly to the Store location on the day of installation.  This can include a full equipment package, FF&E, operational supplies, training materials, etc. (ask about our Consolidator Services).  Our Stores are typically up and running the next day after installation for operational review and training.

Installs in Hours

PIVOT Stores typically install in hours and offers a Plug & Play type design.

Single Delivery

PIVOT’s Complete Store System is delivered in a truck sent directly from PIVOT’s factory on the day of installation.

Consolidator Services

PIVOT offers consolidator services to offer a more robust Complete Store Solution.

Open Stores Faster

PIVOT’s Stores, by design, typically open much faster than traditionally built stores.

Lower Maintenance & Renovation Costs

PIVOT Stores require less maintenance, last longer and have lower renovation costs.  This is due to the superior construction and design of our Stores.  Wear items (i.e. countertops, veneers, back splashes, etc.) are designed to be easily replaced or updated.  Our metal construction is much more durable than traditional store construction and has a much longer life span.  Unlike typical stores, our Modular Units can be updated or replaced quickly to accommodate future Store enhancements.  

Less Maintenance

The construction of PIVOT Stores require much less maintenance.

Updateable Designs

PIVOT Stores are designed to be easily updated for wear items or Store enhancements.

Lower Operating Costs

Less Maintenance costs and lower renovation costs results in a higher bottom line.

Less Closures

PIVOT’s Stores have a much longer lifespan.  Updates and enhancements can be performed quickly without closing a Store.