The Starbucks Coffee Carts at Target is used as a Temporary Cafe during the period that the main Starbucks store was closed for renovation.  This Temporary Cafe consists of 2 sets of standard Starbucks Coffee Carts.  They are run in series to provide proper capacity.

These Coffee Carts enabled Target to retain their customers and operators during this renovation period as well as generate revenue.  They are designed to be shipped and re-deployed to other renovation sites offering great and continued value.

The Starbucks Coffee Carts at Target also include PIVOT’s Self-Contained Water/Sanitary System to make site-preparation and installation extremely cost-effective and simple.  The only thing required is an electrical hookup.

This Temporary Cafe is designed to provide Espresso Coffee, Brewed Coffee and limited food service items.  PIVOT has multiple designs of the Starbucks Coffee Cart to provide a variety of size and functionality options.