Starbucks Rental Program

Welcome to the Starbucks Rental Program.  The Starbucks Rental Program provides premium Starbucks stores that can be rented directly from Starbucks and managed by PIVOT.

This program is designed to keep your Starbucks store open, available and generating revenue during renovations, new store construction or any temporary closure.  The temporary stores available in this Starbucks Rental Program have retained up to 90% of the revenue of the permanent store while also keeping your employees working and customers served.

These rental stores can also be used for events and trade shows.  This program is only available to Starbucks and current Licensees of Starbucks.

Starbucks Pop Up Cart Store

Starbucks has designed this Rental Program to make it simple and easy to rent a Starbucks Store. There are limited quantities of Starbucks Rental Stores available. Early planning is essential to ensure that a store will be available for you. Currently, this rental program supports the Standard A Starbucks Pop Up Cart. Additional Carts can be added to this layout as OPTIONS – Warming Tower and Storage Tower.

Please take a look at the Time Line below.  You can click on any of the Steps below to get more detailed information on that respective Step.  You can also speak to your Starbucks Construction Manager or your Starbucks National Account Executive for more information.

Starbucks Rental Timeline

This is the timeline for the Starbucks Rental Program


Request a Reservation

Contact your Starbucks Representative and request a Rental Reservation


Reservation Confirmed

If we can accommodate your reservation, your rental will be confirmed and you will receive a Welcome Email from us with your Reservation Number, Dates (Installation/Take Down) and links to important information available about the Starbucks Rental Store and your Reservation.


Pre-Rental Call

Once your reservation is confirmed, we will schedule a Pre-Rental Call to review everything about the Starbucks Store, your Rental, the Process and some Options. This call will have no surprises as all of this information will be provided to you in advance (Welcome Email) and is also available on this website.


SITE READINESS – Pre-Installation Checklist

This Pre-Installation Checklist will ensure that the site is ready for our Installers. This is extremely important that you complete the form in its entirety and return the form to us with pictures to ensure that your installation happens on your scheduled date.



The day has come for your Starbucks Store to arrive. Our Installers will get you installed and walk you through the store.  It is important to note any issues you find as the Rental Store needs to be returned in the condition it was received.


SITE READINESS – Pre-Take Down Checklist

Your Rental is about complete. It is time for you to prepare the Store to be taken down and returned back to us. Please fill out the Pre-Take Down Checklist and complete all items to ensure you are not assessed any additional fees.


Take Down

It is time for your Starbucks Rental Store to be taken down. Our Installers will take pictures of the store to document its condition, take the store down and send it back to PIVOT.


Final Check Out

Once we receive the Starbucks Trailer and Rental Store back at PIVOT, we will do your final Check Out.  Any damage, repairs, additional cleaning or missing equipment fees will be assessed at this time.

Starbucks Secured Portal

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Want More Information

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New Users

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