Starbucks Temp Cafe

The Starbucks Temp Cafe is a PIVOT Modular Store solution designed to get you up and running fast with limited site preparation requirements.  Like the Starbucks Cart Cafe, the Starbucks Temp Cafe is on wheels for portability and quick installation.  The Starbucks Temp Cafes, however, are designed to be a full Starbucks store featuring a cold beverage station, brewed station, espresso station, a 3-compartment sink/work sink/hand sink, food case, warming, refrigeration, etc.

As with most of PIVOT’s stores, the Starbucks Temp Cafe comes complete with all utilities built-in.  This includes plumbing, electrical, hot water heater, water filtration and sanitary pumps.  They only require a hard cold water supply, main electrical feeder and a sanitary drain (depending on local codes).

Below, you will find a selection of Starbucks Temp Cafes to choose from (both left and right entries).



The IMU1L Starbucks Temp Cafe measures approximately 9 feet in depth by 20 feet in length.  This IMU is LEFT ENTRY sporting a full length Halo Canopy, integrated ceiling lighting, beautiful 3D illuminated branding, quartz countertops and furniture-grade walnut veneers.