Carts provide a portable and cost efficient store platform that is ideally suited for the Food and Beverage Industry as well as Retail.  Carts fit the most desirable locations as they can be positioned very close to high consumer traffic offering tremendous impulse buying opportunities over Traditional Stores.

With decades of experience and a customer base that includes some of the largest brands in the Food and Beverage industry, PIVOT Carts are unmatched when it comes to design, build quality and performance.  Our Carts come standard with a base construction of Cold Rolled Steel, Aluminum and 304-Stainless Steel offering the most durable Carts in the industry.  We pay meticulous attention to all aspects of our Carts including design, engineering, materials, parts, equipment, utilities, veneers, lighting, etc. to offer the Best In Class Carts in the industry.

PIVOT Carts arrive to you from our factory fully assembled with everything pre-installed –  offering lightning fast installation and superior portability.  Utilities are optimized to offer the most efficient site-preparation and lowest maintenance costs.  Branding, lighting and equipment packages are all also available from PIVOT offering a Turn-Key solution.

PIVOT designs, engineers and manufactures everything in-house – Proudly Made In The USA.  Our products meet the highest standards and are UL Listed in both the United States and Canada.  PIVOT Carts are based on our Patented Modular Store System technology offering a unique and innovative solution to Non-Traditional Stores.

Stock Versus Custom Carts

PIVOT has extensive experience in designing and engineering Carts for a variety of industries.  Leveraging that experience, PIVOT has pre-designed Stock Carts that can be used as a starting point and can be enhanced to fit your individual needs.  These Stock Carts offer cost and time savings over designing a completely Custom Cart.  Stock Carts have a base starting price – options and enhancements are then added to this Base Price to provide you with a final cost.

Don’t see what you are looking for in our Stock Carts – PIVOT’s design team can design you a completely Custom Cart.  All Carts are designed and engineered in-house utilizing our State-of-the-Art CAD (Computer Aided Design) systems.  These systems generate 3D walk throughs and renderings that exactly match the final the product to ensure you get exactly what you are looking for.

The Cart on the left above is a rendering from PIVOT’s CAD systems that was provided prior to production.  The picture on the right is the actual Cart after it was manufactured.  The level of detail  The level of detail and true to life accuracy that our CAD system produces is critical to our Design Process to provide our customers the ability to dial in their design to exactly match what they want prior to being produced.

PIVOT’s Carts are not the cheapest in the industry.  You typically get what you pay for.  We do believe that our Carts offer the most cost-effective solution in the industry when you take into account the design, premium materials, durability, portability, build quality, performance, and ongoing maintenance costs.  Trusting your brand and your business to cheap, poorly built Store certainly hinders your ability to maximize revenue opportunities and will cost you in the long run.

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Cart Anatomy

PIVOT Carts consist of a single modular unit that is broken down into 3 basic components – Body, Uprights and the Canopy.  The Body is the main component of a Cart and can optimally range in length from approximately 3 feet to 10 feet.  In our experience, Carts with a length greater than 10 feet are extremely difficult to transport and maneuver (PIVOT has created Carts as large at 15 feet but would not recommend sizes greater than 10 feet in length).  The most common length of a Cart is 9 feet in length.  The standard depth of a Cart is 34-inches but can be slightly larger or smaller depending on the design.  34-inches allows your Cart more flexibility as it can move through standard commercial single doorways that have 36-inch openings.  PIVOT’s Base Style of the Body is “BOXED”.  You can upgrade this Body Style to many different designs to give your Cart a more distinctive look and design.  PIVOT has many Body Style’s to choose from – or you can create your own unique style as a Custom Cart.

Uprights and Canopies are optional but highly recommended depending on the use case for your Cart.  Canopies provide great top branding opportunities that will attract consumers in high traffic locations.  Just like the Body Style, PIVOT has many Upright and Canopy Styles to choose from to give your Cart a very distinctive look and feel.  As real estate on a Cart is at a premium, Uprights and Canopies provide the ability to enhance your Cart with Menus, Lighting, Branding, Messaging, etc. without taking up real estate in the Body of the Cart.