Kiosks are the largest category for Non-Traditional Stores.  They offer many benefits over Traditional Stores including fast deployment, minimal on-site costs, more economical, fast installation, portability, etc.  Kiosks are usually strategically positioned close to high consumer traffic areas offering great impulse buy opportunities while offering a platform size rivaling a Traditional Store.

PIVOT Kiosks takes a Kiosk to a whole new level.  Our Kiosks are comprised of Modular Units that can easily scale to fit the space and size desired for your Store.  All of our Kiosks are install in less than a day offering a rapid deployment solution with minimal site disruption.  These Kiosks can be easily taken down, moved and re-installed to offer a unique investment that can be re-deployed multiple times.

With decades of experience and a customer base that includes some of the largest brands in the Food and Beverage industry, PIVOT Kiosks are unmatched when it comes to design, build quality and performance.  Our Kiosks come standard with a base construction of Cold Rolled Steel, Aluminum and 304-Stainless Steel offering the most durable Stores in the industry.  We pay meticulous attention to all aspects of these Stores including design, engineering, materials, parts, equipment, utilities, veneers, lighting, etc. to offer the Best In Class Kiosks in the industry.

PIVOT Kiosks arrive to you from our factory fully assembled with everything pre-installed in each Modular Unit –  offering lightning fast installation and superior portability.  Our Kiosks typically install in less than 1 day.  Utilities are optimized to offer the most efficient site-preparation and lowest maintenance costs.  Branding, lighting and equipment packages are all also available from PIVOT offering a Turn-Key solution.

PIVOT designs, engineers and manufactures everything in-house – Proudly Made In The USA.  Our products meet the highest standards and are UL Listed in both the United States and Canada.  PIVOT Kiosks are based on our Patented Modular Store System technology offering a unique and innovative solution to Non-Traditional Stores.

Modular Units

PIVOT Kiosks are comprised of Modular Units that snap together to form the Kiosk.  Each Modular Unit is designed and engineered in support of a specific function or station within the Kiosk.  This approach provides the most flexible and scalable solution – allowing the Kiosks to grow, shrink or be customized for any Store solution desired.

Our Kiosks are designed with all of the components to provide a self-contained, Turn Key solution.  This includes pre-installed and fully integrated electrical, water, lighting, sinks, fixtures, refrigeration, equipment, signage, menus, etc.  Our Kiosks just require main utility feeders and finished floors, walls and ceiling.  This greatly reduces site preparation and offers a more economical Store solution over Traditional Stores.

PIVOT Kiosks are designed for rapid deployment and installation with typical install times of less than 1 day.  Our Kiosks are also UL Listed in the United States and Canada – offering numerous advantages over stick build solutions.  This solution is ideal for Brands looking to build a Store Portfolio/Catalog or a Concession looking for a consistent Store deployments with minimal site disruptions.

PIVOT has an inventory of hundreds of Modular Units that can be utilized “as-is”, or provide a starting point to customize a new Modular Unit.   PIVOT’s design team can assist you with all aspects of your Store.

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