Starbucks Pop-Up Store

The Starbucks Pop-Up Store manufactured by PIVOT offers a comprehensive and innovative Starbucks store solution.  This Pop-Up Store is comprised of Modular Carts that are configured to make up multiple Starbucks Store Models.  These Carts are on wheels offering the ultimate in flexibility and portability while retaining a premium Store Front.

With an installation time of just hours and multiple utility options available, this Starbucks store is extremely economical with minimal site preparation.

The Starbucks Pop-Up Store is ideal for use as a Temporary Store when a permanent Starbucks store is under construction or renovation.  It can also be used as a “Hub & Spoke” model for an existing Starbucks Store offering the ability to reach more consumers and drive up store revenue.

There are a large collection of Carts to choose from as well as a wide variety of approved Starbucks Store Models.

Store Models

The Starbucks Pop-Up Store offers tremendous flexibility regarding the overall store size and operational layout.  Overall Store sizes start at 9 feet in length by 9 feet in depth by 8 1/2 feet in height.

Click on the “Learn More” link below to see all available and approved Store Models.

Cart Collection

Starbucks Pop Up Cart Store

There are a large number of Carts to choose from when designing the optimal Starbucks Store.  These Carts include Front Carts, Rear Carts, Side Carts and Tower Carts.

Each Cart adds a vital element to the menu of products served and the operation of the Starbucks Store.  Click on the “Learn More” link below to see the full collection of Carts.